Khanh.20.Vietnamese.Bisexual. Taken by the perfect guy. :)♥
I love asian fashion, bubble tea, final fantasy,
and chrono cross. I used to be a hardcore gamer, but hw is taking over my life ); Anyway, I love drawing, I'm a born artist. =) I am very nice to anyone who will give me the same respects. Music is my escape from any drama. ALthough, speaking of drama, I love watching it hahaha. I love anime and korean/japanese dramas too. Sighh if only life were an anime.. :>

Instagram instagram: @khanhzo

My all time favorite animes are Nana, Strawberry Panic, Sekai Ichii Hatsukoi, Claymore, Samurai Champloo, Future Diary, D.Gray-Man, Ouran High School Host club (English dubbed), Full Metal Alchemist and Yumeiro Patissiere and Sword Art Online.

My current obsessions are Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokemon, Nana, Japanese Culture, (school setting anime with comedy and romance), Dyed Hair and makeup.

I'll only follow back if you have the same interests as me <3

What you see here is
♥stuff i believe in
♥pretty ppl/cute things
♥lesbian stuff ;)
♥asian sturf
♥video games
♥dark imagery and quotes

Sometimes I'll be posting rants and junk.

I know i don't say this enough, or I rarely do, but, THANKS FOR FOLLOWING, my lovely followers ;) and goodbye unfollowers. TTYN.

This is me:
 photo ee88c8f5-5e6b-4450-bc0e-5cabee2b9eb4_zps9943543d.jpg  photo aa253d24-9505-46a4-a240-4d5f25a7147e_zps489db68b.jpg

Here's a link to photos of me :D (*Note: It'll look like you're on the same page, but you're not. Just scroll down).---> {{~My Photos :3}}

Any questions? Hit the ask box.

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I think I stumbled on the Internet’s greatest Yelp review.


I think I stumbled on the Internet’s greatest Yelp review.

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